iHome iD9 Review

iHome released iD9 back in the month of February. This sound dock for playing back music stored on your iPad. It also works as a fantastic alarm clock that can wake you up with the music on iPad or to the radio app if you have the FM installed which you can download from Appstore for 2 dollars.


Someone at macrumor forums bought it and has done a review of it. He says that it is an excellent choice for someone looking for a sound dock. It also charges the iPad when placed in dock. Battery life of the dock is somewhere around 5 hours and has built in rechargeable battery. Sound quality is said to be amazing and the volume can be changed from the dock itself. iHome also offers a remote control unit which you have to buy separately. You can install iHome’s Sleep app (available free of costs) to take advantage of the alarm system. You can set customized alarms too. The app allows custom background and shows weather information too.

He has criticized iD9 for not playing the music too loud. Other than that, there are no problems. iD9 can be bought for just 92 dollars (7 dollars savings) and is compatible with both iPad and iPad 2.