iPad 2: iLuv Keyboard Case Review

Few days back, iLuv rolled out keyboard case called iCK826 for iPad 2 and just yesterday, I got mine. From outside, it is a very professional looking case with a lovely, very touch-typable keyboard. The leather is decent (but certainly not at par with the Sena iPad 2 keyboard case), and should last you for a few years to come. However, the heart of this case is the bluetooth keyboard. They keys are big – not small like the ones you find on certain small netbooks and you will be touch-typing on it in no time.

ILuv Keyboard Case ipad 2 Review

The keys bear some resemblance with the keyboards on Acer laptops – you know, big chiclet keys with little spacing between them. Since the keyboard operates via Bluetooth, you will have to charge it when the battery runs out. You can charge it via microUSB port. I was able to get a good 4 days of heavy usage.

What I did not like about the keyboard? It does not makes use of iPad’s lock and unlock feature. Another complain I have with it is that it covers the microphone. Fortunately, in my testing, I did not notice any drop in sound volume. Price is also a bit steep though – 130 dollars.

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