Incase’s Origami Sleeve

Incase drew inspiration from the Japanese art of Origami to create this combination of an iPad stand and case. The sleeve can be used for both the first and second generation iPad and can be purchased in two colors – fuchsia and black.

The external case is made of neoprene which is water resistant. The inside is padded with a lining of faux-fur which ensures that the device is protected. It also wipes away the dust from the surface of the iPad when you remove and insert it into the cover.

It is 10.6 inches long, 8.8 inches wide and 0.5 inches thick. Unlike most iPad sleeves that have openings on one side, the Origami sleeve encloses the device on all the edges and features a small slit (1.5 inches) on one side. You can push the iPad into the case and the pull the rest of the sleeve over it, like a hood.

The case also functions as an iPad stand. Two small tabs can be found on the edge of one side of the sleeve. First, you must turn this edge down and fold the tabs outwards. This will form a slot that can hold your iPad. The device can be place in landscape and portrait mode. You can then fold back the top two corners and latch them together using an inbuilt strap, made of elastic and a plastic nub. This forms a base for your iPad.

The stand has a 30 degree angle which makes it perfect for surfing the web, reading your email and watching a movie. The Origami sleeve is a functional and attractive carrier for your iPad which is light weight and can be used as a stand if needed.