InGear Smart Folio 2

InGear recently released Smart Folio 2 for iPad 2 which appears to have all the ingredients I normally look in an iPad case. The inside and outside of the shell is made from premium leather and gives a ‘premium’ feel to it. It has magnets inside and makes use of the iPad 2′s sleep and wakeup function as well.


iPad 2 is held in its place pretty tightly by the tabs in each corner and does not rattles once it is there in the case. It can also do the duty of a stand, allowing you to comfortably watch a movie or read an ebook without always holding the iPad.


To keep the display protected, the company has equipped with a thick tab to keep the case closed when not in use. Available in only black color (right now) and costs 60 dollars. Yes, I do recommend it. [product page]

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