iPad 2 Battery Life

iPad 1 set a benchmark for the rest of the tablets out there and all of its rivals have been struggling to get those mammoth runtimes from quite sometime now. iPad 2 comes with a more powerful processor and it would have been easy for the iPad 2 to go under 10 hour mark, but despite having a slimmer body and new processor, the iPad 2 still manages to get 10 hour battery life. I was able to get 10 hours of runtime while doing web browsing via Wi-Fi.

Ipad 2 battery life

If you watch video, expect the battery life to drop to somewhere around 7-8 hours which is still way more than any other tablet out there. Apple supplies a 10W power adapter with the iPad which is 2x of what you normally get with an iPhone 4. This also means that if you use charger other than the bundled adapter, it will take longer.

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