iPad 3D Kinetic Control

Although the beauty of the iPad is its stunning touch interactivity, Apple is per usual looking ahead to the next front of human-technology interaction, namely, control through 3D gestures.

ipad3D (Mobile)

Hand signals will be used to control all general means of control be it images, cursors or downloading files. Much like the Xbox Kinect and the popular Wii, iPad 3D will mean control from practically anywhere you can see your iPad. A patent filed by Apple with the US Patents Office indicates the potential for full 3D useability. The patent suggests users could customise their controls of the iPad and allows for apps to work as a stepping stone to further augment the iPad’s 3D functionality. Of course, one of the most exciting applications of the iPad’s kinetic controls would be gaming allowing Apple to make further inroads into the gaming market. Pedestrian applications would include the ability to control the iPad’s camera from a distance but there is also talk of using the 3D controls to conduct an app orchestra. Commercially, the tracking of avatar movements for film and animation are also likely uses. Apple’s ability to reflect the most human and natural of interactions with its products makes the possibilities for the 3D highly exciting.