iPad 5 Slim Folio Logitech Case now available

iPad 5 Slim Folio Logitech Case review

Logitech Slim Folio is a Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad 5. The keyboard has well laid out keys that spread to the edge of the case and even has dedicated shortcut keys for various iOS functions.

The Logitech slim folio case has a built in stand to keep the iPad 5 in laptop position so that you are able to type in the documents at comfortable angle.

The iPad 5 connects to the keyboard using the low energy Bluetooth connection. Powering it are in-cell batteries that will last you whopping 3000 hours of daily use. This means you won’t be replacing the battery in coming four years atleast. And even after that the battery replacement is not as hard as iPad 5 battery replacment. The case is up for pre order now and will be shipped by the end of this month.

iPad 5 Slim Folio Logitech Case

Here are specifications of iPad 5 Logitech Slim Folio keyboard case

* Height x Width x Depth: 7.20 in (182 mm) x 9.80in (248.0 mm) x .80 in (20 mm)
* Weight: 1.54 lbs (700 g)

* Front and back protection against scratches, bumps and spills
* Magnetic case closure
* iPad auto on/off on case opening / closure

* Scissor keys technology, 1.5 mm key travel
* Laptop-like layout with 17 mm pitch
* Key life – more than 5 million strokes
* Row of iOS shortcuts with 14 keys, including: Home, Siri, Search, Input Language, On-screen keyboard, Media controls (back, play/pause, forward), Volume controls (Mute, Volume down, Volume up), Lock iPad, Bluetooth, Keyboard Battery check.

Power and Connectivity:
* Bluetooth LE
* Powered by 2 replaceable coin cell batteries (included)
* Battery life: 4 years (2 hours of typing per day)