iPad 2 Geekbench

You certainly cannot complain about the speed of the iPad 2′s speed as iOS 4.3 opens almost anything instantaneously. Heck, even the first iPad never felt slow to me but when used side-by-side with the iPad 2, the difference is noticeable. I decided to run the famous Geekbench test on it which tests the processor speed and memory performance. I also borrowed my friend’s iPhone 4 to see how they both compare to the mighty little smartphone.

ipad 2 geekbench

The iPad 2 scored 749 which is almost double than the iPhone 4 that scored 377 with its single core Apple A4 processor. The iPad 1 which has same processor as iPhone 4 (but has half the RAM) got 453. That score was, however, under iOS 4.2. When I updated it to iOS 4.3, it dropped to 448 which is weird since iOS 4.3 was supposed to bring better performance than the iOS 4.2. Nevertheless, the speed decrease is marginal and you would not even feel it. Also check out – iPad 2 vs iPad 1 benchmark