iPadHype – A New Dawn Approaches

We would like to announce a new approach to our coverage of all things iPad.  As iPadHype.net reaches a mature age (okay, adolescent age), has a number of loyal followers and a solid reputation for objective and timely coverage of the iPad market, we thought it was time to expand our coverage.  We have done this by bringing on several key content providers, each with different areas of expertise in the Apple realm (more on this below).  But our expansion plans are also because we are acutely aware that there are more questions to ask as to why so many of us are iPad and Apple users in the first place.

Apple-iPad-indepth-coverage (Mobile)

But you may ask, why is this of interest to you as an iPadhype viewer?  iPadhype is a source of new product updates and reviews, great jailbreak guides and also, where appropriate, Apple related news.  But the fact is, the iPad, along with Apple’s other signature products and the multi-billion dollar accessories and app markets that support it, are largely beholden to Apple’s market position.  So many of the best products that support the iPad are developed only for the iPad, not for all the other tablets on the market.  This is because the iPad’s market share is large enough that developers and designers only need concern themselves with the iPad market.  As soon as that share is eroded, new products will have to be more general and the unique and purely specific qualities we have come to know and love about iPad’s vast array of support products will be lost.  Let us not forget that Apple has not always been the apex predator of the tech world.  There was its initial period under Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in which, yes Apple was the most exciting and innovative of tech companies around, but it was still an upstart, thorn in the side of the ubiquitous IBM.  Then there were the so-called lost years, under ex Apple CEO John Sculley, who will be, it seems, remembered solely for his unceremonious ousting of Jobs from Apple’s helm.  Finally, there is the Apple we currently know, the company that changed the way we listen to and buy music and, well basically, revolutionized the way we interact with the digital world altogether, spawning entire market sectors that solely service the Apple user.  In short, the dominance of the iPad and Apple as a whole, are fundamental to the benefit we as consumers of iPad-related goods and services receive.  However, we should also recognize that of the three stages of Apple touched upon above, only in the third stage has Apple been able to provide the unparalleled consumer demand for its goods, before then, it was still one of the crowd (albeit an exciting member) and unless it continues its market leading ways, it will go back to being one of the crowd.  So we figure it will be of interest to any Apple users out there to be kept informed of whether Apple is maintaining its current position, has taken the foot off the accelerator or else has made a blunder in its product development or delivery.

So how do we plan to address this in a way, you, as a follower of iPadHype are going to be interested in and consider useful?  Well first off, we are not going to change what doesn’t need fixing.  We will continue our core guides to accessories, apps, jailbreak guides and news, only we are now going to have contributors dedicated to writing on each area which should result in more timely and in depth articles (well, that is the plan!).  But we will now look to cover the iPad world in a more macro sense by investigating Apple’s business as a whole, its position in the market, key personnel and current and future offerings so we can get a feel for how the product and its offerings are going to develop.  To cover this area, we will have contributions from a long standing San Francisco-based tech writer, as well as a new blogger based out of China’s answer to Silicon Valley, Zhongguancun.  We will leave it to these writers to introduce themselves in the next few days.  Then we are going to look at the iPad in a micro sense, that is, what it means to you as a user in your daily life.  Now we are sure there are a myriad of reasons people buy and use iPads, be it to increase efficiency, aid in design, creativity or collaboration or to communicate with loved ones and interact with the digital frontier.  But we would suggest that all of these reasons could come under the general banner of improving one’s standard of living.  This said, we feel it important that iPadHype attempt to answer the question, whether using an iPad does improve your standard of living?  In a universal but still meaningful fashion.  To do this, we will be looking at how people use the iPad in their daily lives, both in the replication of existing, real world tasks as well as the creation of completely new past times and activities.  We have tasked one of our staff writers with exploring this topic in detail by essentially chaining him to his iPad!  Rob Martinez will be writing both one-off articles as well as serialized posts on different aspects of life with the iPad.  We hope you enjoy!