iPhone 5 OS

This will be the first year since the very first iPhone was released in the summer of 2007 that a new version of the world famous smartphone from Apple will not be released. We have seen new iPhones come out every summer for the last 4 years, but this year we will have to wait until the new hardware comes out.


Fans of the iPhone should not worry though as news of the iPhone 5 iOS, the latest version of Apple’s award winning software is not far away and reports indicate that it will be great. Apparently there will be around 200 new features and changes from the previous software so there will be plenty to play with when the new software comes out. Here are some of the rumoured features for the iOS 5.


One of the key features that the new version of the OS has is that it is completely integrated with Twitter. This means that you can tweet directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, or Maps. This will please the millions of you out there who tweet on a regular basis.

Notification Centre

This new hub will allow you to view all of your notifications, such as texts, e mails and many more from one easy to use centre. There is also a new reminders centre that makes creating and utilising notes much easier.

News Stand

Many of us now have newspaper and magazine subscriptions on out iPhones and now we can view them all from one place, the News Stand.


The camera application is now available from the lock screen so you so not have to unlock the phone, find the app and take the shot. You can now take photos instantly and without fuss, something that will please those of you who consider themselves a bit of a photographer.