iSkin Solo Smart iPad 2 Review

iSkin has churned out pretty awesome looking iPad and iPad 2 cases so far. Recently, they rolled out Solo Smart, a smart cover compatible case. Costing 50 dollars, it is one of the most expensive back covers, but it makes up (almost) for that price tag by providing great quality.


The material is translucent (unlike SGP Harmonie) and is not as solid as some of smart cover compatible back cases we have reviewed here so far. It has all the openings you need to have in a case of this type – hole for camera, speaker, microphone and dock port. However, power and volume buttons are covered. Fortunately, there is not a lot of pressure that is required to register button press.

You can use the case with or without the smart cover – all your choice. It comes with plastic insert that covers the edge. This is the place where the smart cover fits in and can be filled by the plastic insert when smart cover is not in use. However, I found that it removed some partition of screen protector. So, the solution is to apply the screen protector afterwards or by cutting the portion of it that is supposed to be affected by plastic insert.


Is it worth it? At 50 dollars, I do not think so – especially for a translucent case. I don’t like the fact that it damaged my screen protector and it does not come with one too.