JAVOEdge Mini Stylus for iPad Dock Connection

Now the problem I have with a Stylus is I hate having to carry extra stuff around with me.  I want my iPad, with case of course, and that is it.  I don’t want a hundred things jingling around in my bag or pockets.  So why not invent a Stylus that is small and clips onto your iPad?

javoedge-mini-stylus-ipad (Mobile)

Well because JAVOEdge have already invented one, its called the Mini Stylus and is about the size of a piece of chalk (remember that stuff your old school teacher used to use on that thing called a blackboard?).  In fact JAVOEdge even describe the functionality of the Mini Stylus as akin to using a piece of chalk.  Now that is a good analogy for me, Ive used chalk before, but I don’t know if I want my Stylus to feel like Im holding a piece of chalk, a pencil, a paint brush, sure, but a stumpy piece of chalk?  Im not convinced.  But putting that aside for a second, the mini size of the Mini Stylus means you can forget you are even carrying it, not only that but the clever folk at JAVOEdge have made it so you can clip it into your dock connection, smart move huh?  Now I like that a lot, because as I tend to lose or leave behind bigger Stylus that I have to remember to carry, the Mini Stylus is certainly better than none at all.  It avoids grubby finger prints on the screen and brings in some of the real life (not that finger painting aint real life but you know what we mean!) experience to the digital frontier.  The Mini Stylus is, I have to say, perfectly fine for sketching out a simple diagram on the fly, which at just $9.95 is all you could use it for and still get value for money.  If I were an industrial designer (I know what you are thinking, don’t quit your day job, you’ve not perfected that yet!), I would take a design similar to the Mini Stylus, complete with clip on function, and give it a telescopic handle.  That way you could extend it out to the length of a standard Stylus and use it for all occasions, before folding it back for transport.  You heard it hear first.