JBL Airplay Speaker

JBL has released On Air Wireless AirPlay Speaker Dock for the iPad that allows AirPlay streaming from any iPad running iOS 4.2 (or later), Mac or Windows PC running iTunes. This nifty iPad Accessory has a display that also shows the album artwork along with song data when the song is being played. JBL claims that it has horizontal acoustic level optimization that ensures amazing, full spectrum sound.

jbl on air airplay dock review

It will hit the online retail shops for a whopping price of 350 dollars and will be available in two colors – white and black. However, only black version will hit the market shelves.

You know, I am still finding it hard to justify the high price tag. Update – My Review

During my testing, I found the screen to be more colorful and more crisp (must be due to the increased screen resolution). I was also easily able to stream my music to it as-well-as album art. If you are not playing any music, the On Air shows a nice clock that also functions as an Alarm clock. Another thing I really liked is the ability to connect it to the wireless network without using my laptop.

So, how is the sound quality? Well, to be honest, I was not terribly impressed. It is okay if you are a casual listener who does not pay a lot of attention to the details. This is chiefly due to the fact that everything is done wirelessly (over Wi-Fi, that is) and thus you should be prepared for signal dropouts.

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