Jensen Docking Speaker for iPad

The latest JiPS-310i from Jensen is an all-in-one system compatible with all iPad models. Made of black plastic, JiPS-310i looks similar to a video projector. The speaker comes with a power port, one line-in and a video-out port. An infrared remote control with small buttons for controlling volume, playback and other features, also comes with the product.

jensen docking speaker ipad review

The light-weight remote control offers easy navigation. A large circular portion consisting of a set of 5 buttons is present on the remote control for tracking menu navigation. JiPS-310i, with a width of 16.5 inches comes with a design similar to that in Zeppelins from Bowers & Wilkins.

JiPS-310i has an iPad compatible dock at the top which has enough space to fit iPods and iPhones as well, apart from the tablet. The front of the speaker is oval which makes it look quite sleek compared to other speakers from the company. A power-indicator features at the top centre of the iPad accessory.

jensen docking speaker ipad review

The speaker comes with a subwoofer and 2 drivers (full-range) that deliver better than moderate-level sound. The subwoofer is placed at the centre and 2 front facing drivers are also present. However, the speakers’ mid range is slightly problematic, because even at average volumes, songs are quite loud. A unique control panel combining 5 options into 1 is present on the Jensen offering. Track forward, track back, volume-up, volume-down, play/pause functions have been combined in just three buttons.

If the iPad 3 is placed inside a case and connected to the speaker, audio may not be clear as its dock design does not allow it.