Kanex Multi Sync Keyboard for iPad Review

Kanex has released a multi sync keyboard that is made to be used between multiple devices. It features an extended keyboard that has full number keypad, which will be appreciated by those who like to crunch in a lot of numbers. A stand is included as well which does a decent job in holding the iPad while typing. Costs 69 dollars. Here is what comes in the box.

Kanex Multi Sync Keyboard for iPad Review

Kanex Multi-Sync Bluetooth Keyboard
Kanex iPhone / iPad Stand
Micro USB to USB Cable
2 AAA Batteries
User Manual

Technical specs.

Pairs up to 3 Devices using Bluetooth 3.0 Technology
One Touch Toggle Between your Mac, PC,  iPhone, and iPad
Works with Windows and Android Devices
Works with Apple TV
Battery Operated or Bus-Powered
Dimension: 442.0(L) x 125.0 (W) x 20.0 (H)mm
Key Pitch: 19.0mm

review Kanex Multi Sync Keyboard for iPad


How could I use the Keyboard on 4 devices?
Simply plug the Keyboard to a Mac or PC by using the Micro USB cable. You will then have the ability to pair 3 additional devices via Bluetooth

Do I need batteries if I have the keyboard plugged with the Micro USB cable?
No batteries are required if the USB keyboard is plugged with the Micro USB cable to the Mac or PC

Is the Keyboard able to charge the batteries?
No, the keyboard does not have any charging capabilities

How do I reset the Kanex Keyboard?
Press and hold the FN and Bluetooth Pair button for 2 seconds. Be aware the master reset will erase any paired devices on the Keyboard

Does it work with the Xbox360?
Only in USB mode, which requires to use the Micro USB cable

Is the keyboard backlit?
No, there is no backlit on the keyboard

Could I use the Lighting to USB camera adapter to plug the keyboard?
Yes, Only on the iPad you are able to plug the keyboard directly into the adapter and it will also power the keyboard without requiring batteries

Does it work with Windows Tablet or PC?
Yes, but some hotkeys will not be functional

Does it work with Android Tablets or Smartphones?
It does but some hotkeys will not be functional, Android 3.0 or later is required

Do you plan on making a Windows/Android specific keyboard? (as Logitech’s Easy-Switch keyboards do not have full keypad)
The Kanex Keyboard will work with the Android and Windows. It actually works pretty good on Android so far the only hotkey that will not function is the brightness. For Windows, the keyboard keys will work but the hotkeys will not function (Ex. Brightness control,Media Keys, etc)

Would the keyboard work with my Samsung Smart TV?
If the HDTV has Bluetooth HID profile future, then it will work.

Does multi sync keyboard work with Apple TV?
Yes it does, with 2nd and 3rd Generation Apple TV.

Could I connect an iMac, Mac Mini& iPad to this keyboard?
That is correct, you could connect all of them via Bluetooth or you could also connect the iMac or Mac Mini via the USB cable and the rest via Bluetooth.

I noticed there is a “USB” button close to blue tooth switch keys. If I connect the keyboard to the USB port of the desktop that has no bluetooth function, can it work via USB?
That is correct, the USB function will not required any bluetooth so it will work if connected to a computer that has no Bluetooth and with this setup you will also be able to pair up to 3 Bluetooth Devices.

The search button on the keyboard is not functioning
The search button is only for iOS devices. Its currently only working for iOS7 and earlier.