iPad 3 Killer by Acer?

According to an online report, Acer is making a tablet that sports a built in sliding keyboard. The new Acer tablet, slated to be launched this holiday season is said to be even more powerful than the current generation iPad 2.


iPad 3 released date is set to be somewhere in the month of October (2011) which will take the tablet computing to the next level. While iPad 3 resolution will be double than the current generation iPad, it is going to be of same size. This Acer tablet will have a slightly bigger 10.1 inch display and will pack 1280 x 800, same as Acer A500.

Right now, Acer is the one of the most active tablet vendors, and has enjoyed decent success with its tablet lineup. Let us hope, Acer would not disappoint us with their new slider. [via digitimes]