LG Optimus Pad pictured with iPad in Japan

2011 is surely going to be an year of tablets. NTT Docomo will soon be offering the LG Optimus Pad in Japan. Folks at pcwatch had the opportunity to play around with it for sometime and they were fairly impressed with it. Tones of photos have been posted which show how slim and big is the Optimus Pad compared to the iPad.

Lg optimus pad ipad

Despite the fact that the Optimus Pad has an 8.9-inch display, it packs more pixels than the iPad – 1280 x 768. This means more data can be seen on the display at one time. Also, since Optimus Pad is less wide than the iPad, it is easier to hold and carry around.

Back has 2x camera lenses to shoot 3D video.

Lg optimus 3d camera

via pcwatch (Japanese)