Logitech AV Stand

Apple’s iPad tablet, with its great touch sensitivity, sleek look and access to more than 90, 000 applications, is clearly a winner. So, it is no surprise that other brands like Sony, Philips and Logitech are coming up with new and exciting accessories for the tablet. From covers and cases to speakers and stands, the possibilities for accessories are endless – much like the potential of the iPad itself.









Logitech’s AV iPad stand is compatible with both first generation and second generation iPads. The stand charges the iPad automatically once it has been docked. One of the advantages of this stand is that it has a 3.5mm jack which allows you to plug in and use a variety of audio devices.

The stand is made of black plastic with a glossy finish. This gives it a sleek and sophisticated look. The AV stand has a tilting arm which can also be rotated if needed. This feature is useful as the arm can tilt 90 degrees, giving the user the choice of viewing the iPad both in landscape and portrait modes. The AV’s display angles are perfect for desktop use.

The speakers are good, offering audio clarity. The volume levels are sufficient to entertain indoors. Logitech provides a neat slim-line remote control which can effectively control the system from a distance.