Logitech Harmony Link

Logitech is set to release a product that has the capacity to transform iPads into remotes. The accessory will hit the market in October. Called Logitech Harmony Link, the device is the latest from the manufacturer. The product does not require you to hold or manipulate it.







All you have to do to use it is connect it to your Apple hand-held device. The wireless gadget allows you to move around and listen to your music. You can easily manage your home theatre system with the device, as it works as a universal remote.

The device, which is disc-shaped, can be positioned close to your home theatre system. This will facilitate easy control of all devices. Logitech Harmony Link works like an infrared blaster.

It can send commands remotely to a number of devices like a set-top box, game consoles (compatible), Blu-ray player and HDTV. As the device is capable of sending infra-red commands, you can control it with an iOS device via the Harmony Link app. It offers users a lot of flexibility.

With the app, you can browse through TV content via your iPad. It functions in a way similar to a cable box. Details about program schedules are provided by Rovi. There are different versions of the app. All of them can handle programmable macros and basic commands to devices.