Logitech Keyboard Case

Logitech has introduced a Keyboard Case for iPad 2 for $100. The Logitech Keyboard Case is similar to other Bluetooth tablet keyboards. The fonts on the keys of the Logitech Keyboard Case are better than most keyboards. Apart from the keys of standard keyboards, the top row included keys specific to iOS. Keys unique to this keyboard are redo, undo, copy, cut and paste.


Compared to the earlier versions of Logitech’s keyboards, the Logitech Keyboard Case has a few positive changes like The Dock connector port and the keyboard charging port are located on the opposite sides so that both devices can be charged together. The size of the keyboard is more suited to the iPad 2 than iPad as it is short by one mm on all sides. The Logitech Keyboard Case is not meant to be used as a protective case for the iPad but it is more suited for people who want a typing experience similar to that of net book quality. The Logitech Keyboard Case offers limited protection as a case but provides functionality as a keyboard.

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