Luxa2 SlimBT Bluetooth Keyboard

The main difference between Luxa2 SlimBT Bluetooth Keyboard and other iPad keyboards is that it does not come attached with any case. It is a standalone keyboard. Manufactured by Luxa, the SlimBT Bluetooth Keyboard is priced at $59. The price is inclusive of the USB charging cable and the wireless keyboard.

Luxa2 SlimBT Bluetooth Keyboard


The keys of the Luxa2 SlimBT Bluetooth Keyboard have an excellent response to touch which is generally missing from rubber keyboards. Slim BT is flatter than most keyboards which make it better than others to use during travel. Its battery life is also good. The company claims the battery can perform for up to 100 hours of continuous use or 30 days on standby. There is more vertical space than horizontal space in the Slim BT. The Luxa2 SlimBT Bluetooth Keyboard is different from other keyboards as it has space for hand rests, something other keyboards have overlooked. However, the keys do look cramped. This is something that could bother people with large fingers or those who are not used typing on an iPad keyboard. Due to its amazing battery life and hand rest facility, the Luxa2 SlimBT Bluetooth Keyboard comes highly recommended for those who need to do a lot of typing.

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