Macally Bookstand 2 Case Review

I just got myself a Macally Bookstand 2 case for the iPad. I was earlier getting a Smart Cover but did not get it because of two things – price and no protection for the back of the iPad 2. Then, I got my eye on the Macally Bookstand2 case. This case sports a price tag of 29 dollars, making it 10 dollars cheaper than iPad. This is a folio case and has tri fold cover, just like the iPad’s Smart Cover. It slides into a hard form fitting back that protects the back from getting scratched.


Again, just like the Smart Cover, it has magnets inside that hold it in place. However, I immediately discovered that the auto sleep feature (that puts the iPad into sleep mode when you close the lid) was absent. This is perhaps due to the fact that there are no magnets in the center of the case.


The case uses some cheap plastic, but I don’t deserve to complain about the material as the price tag is much lower than the leather smart cover (retails at 69 dollars). Also, the case adds quite a lot of weight to the already-so-heavy iPad. However, you must appreciate the manufacture for producing such a thin case and the typing position it provides is perfect.  [product page]

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