Macally SmartcaseC for iPad 2

The Macally’s SmartcaseC for iPad -2is probably the best Smartcase to hit the markets amongst the other Smart covers that we have seen so far. Although all Smart covers more or less have similar features this one is different as the plastic extends to the Smart cover’s spine too.

Macally SmartcaseC for iPad 2 review

Macally’s SmartcaseC for iPad -2 has incorporated most of the features that are available in the recent models of various iPad-2 Smart Cover compatible cases. The case is designed to cover the entire surface area of the device. Provisions are made for the buttons and ports by judicious use of cutouts. The plastic over Macally’s SmartcaseC for iPad -2 extends covering the Smart cover’s spine which means that the aluminium back iPad 2 is totally unexposed. Macally Smartcase comes in clear, matte black and matte white colors.

Some Smart Cases expose a significant area at the top and bottom edges however SmartcaseC covers the entire surface area. The other feature of SmartcaseC is pricing which is slightly less than its competitors. In other words, the SmartcaseC offers more protection at a lesser price and that affordability in itself is a big reason for recommending this thin shell Macally’s SmartcaseC for iPad -2.