Makayama Mobile Movie Mount

Makayama Mobile’s new tripod mount for the iPad 2 presents a more sophisticated alternative for using your iPad for video capture.  The Movie Mount is built to solidly and snugly fit the iPad and importantly includes various mechanisms for attaching movie making accessories such as conversion lenses, spot lighting and shotgun microphones.  The main function of the Movie Mount is that it can be attached to a stabilizing tripod for professional-looking panning shots.

makayama-movie-mount-ipad-accessory (Mobile)

The Movie Mount is best seen as an iPad accessory to be used in collaboration with other accessories, indeed its main point of difference is its ability to act as a center point for building a mobile movie studio.  For all those budding film makers (and of course the tech savvy experienced ones!), check out our list of the top 5 best movie making accessories for iPad. Whilst the Movie Mount could be seen as not bringing much to the table in a stand along capacity, that is not to say it is not value for money.  Selling at $69.95 it is probably middle of the range in the specialist case markets, though the price is probably not all that irrelevant for those looking for such functionality, which is pretty unique at the moment.  Of course, the Movie Mount does come with one very important extra, a free app which allows for locking exposure and white balance, set aspect ratio, set and lock focus-point and change between front and back camera.  We at iPadhype are big fans of accessories that are designed to optimize the iPad’s app functionality, so much so we have prepared a list of our top ten favorite App Optimized Accessories.