iPad Marker Pen

The main thing that iPad took away from the tablet world is the use of stylus. Then, why would make an iPad accessory that stimulates a stylus, right? Well, Scribbly is not a typical stylus made of plastic or metal. Instead, it mimics a marker pen that has a looks like a marker to the onlooker but does not stains the iPad’s display (something like the Brvsh stylus). Oh, and it does not have the pesky smell you find in the markers.


It feels much more real that the thin iPad stylus that are available in the market. This is great for those who like to jot down notes during those busy meetings and classes where you need to jot down everything that is being discussed. It can of course be used to interact with the elements on the screen. Costs 10 pounds that converts to little more than 15 dollars.

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