iPad 2 Melkco Case Review

Melkco is one of the oldest, yet very popular case manufacture. Few days back, I bought myself a Melko case that the company released for the iPad 2. This case is meant for those who want to combine the functionality of smart cover and back cover cases (such as Belkin Snap Shield).


The Melkco Slimme case has a very professional look to it and is perfect for carrying into meetings. The case is made from leather which has a very nice smell to it. It has a bit of vintage look to it and looks much better than the Appleā€™s black leather smart cover. The case has all the cutouts for connecting cables and other peripherals, allowing the user to use the iPad normally without ever taking it out of the case.


The Melko case adds a significant weight to the device. After its installation, the iPad weighed in at 1 lb, 12 ounces. Also, I wish they could do something about its price tag. The company does provide free worldwide shipping though. Costs 108 dollars. Available here.