Mipow Juice Cover

Not many iPad accessories manufacturers have dared to enter the category of manufacturing tablet battery case. Mipow has dared to venture in this filed with the launch of mipow juice cover. The Mipow Juice Cover looks like a normal rear iPad 2 shell and is slimmer than you would expect for a 6,000mAh battery. The shell thickness is only 4mm.

Mipow Juice Cover


The Mipow Juice Cover is priced at $99. The shell perfectly fits in the rear of the tablet. Charging is provided through a Dock connector plug which is fitted towards the bottom. However, the top side is completely uncovered. The bottom and right side are well protected as they are completely covered by the shell. The Mipow Juice Cover for iPad 2 is smart cover compatible so its left edge is uncovered. The battery provides charging at 1A. This is half of the iPad 2s charging speed. Indicator lights display the amount of charge left. The Mipow Juice Cover for iPad 2 includes a micro USB cable in the assembly. There are cutouts for volume up/down, speaker and on / off switch. The juice cover is designed not only to provide power to the iPad 2 but also to provide protection,

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