Mophie Space for iPad Mini lets you add 128GB storage

Adding storage to iPad Mini never got easier than before. Meet Mophie Space, a battery pack that doubles as flash drive, adding up to 128GB of external storage to your Apple iPad Mini. Mophie calls it Space Packs and these are available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB versions.

ipad mini mophie space pack

Since the Mophie iPad Space doubles as battery pack, it allows you to charge your iPad Mini from 0 to 100 percent too. The only downside is its obnoxious 200 dollar price tag which will turn off most of the users. The iPhone 6 version costs 150 dollars.

The storage and battery is combined into a protective soft-touch case designed to fit your specific smartphone or tablet. Mophie space app is available for iOS, Mac and PC so you will be able to access your files on any platform.

The app supports touch ID authentication which will be appreciated by business users to whom data security is very important.