iPad 2: Mophie Workbook

Mophie has churned out myriad cases for iOS devices, including few for the iPad 1. Now, the company is offering a tweaked version of Workbook, meant for the iPad 2. It has a portfolio style design that is very high quality leather (faux type). The case can be used both as a stand and of course, as a ‘case’.


It comes in both black and white colors with four interchangeable straps to allow you to close the case securely when not in use. Workbook is slim and light and has all the cuttings and openings to allow you to access every function of the iPad 2 without taking it out of it. There is even a hole at the back for the camera.


The iPad 2 does not moves or rattles once inside which is important for a folio type case. Here is how it looks when used as a stand.


The price of workbook is 50 dollars, which is a reasonable price for a case offering quality material and stitching.

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