Need Boy, a Puzzle Game for iPhone

Need Boy, an iOS puzzle is now available on the app store. The game is all about helping a boy in figuring out what he requires based on the photo clues. You type in your answer from an available set of letters.

It is a very simple, yet refreshing concept. Need Boy game has over 100 levels and all of its puzzles are very engaging. For instance, look at the picture given below, and think of what the picture tell you. I see a batman working somewhere.

Need Boy iphone download
So, the correct answer would be:

best iphone puzzle game review

Every correct answer gives you energy. This energy can be used to unlock correct letters or remove the incorrect ones. You can also use it to unlock some wallpapers. If you are stuck somewhere, you can ask your Facebook friends for help.

All in all, an excellent, well-made game. Download it and you will love it.

You can download it for free from here.