New Orion MapiCase for iPad2

MapiCase has designed a line of leather cases for the iPad 2 known as Orion. The leather used in these cases not only looks good but feels great. The design is eye-catching and fits the tablet well.

mapicase ipad 2 review

Orion is made from textured leather which is available in a host of colors such as white, tan, red and black. The quality of leather used in the cases is excellent. The seams of the case have fine stitching. Orion has a strong shell for holding the iPad2 which gives the case a box-shape and hides the curves of the tablet.

The top of the case is open to allow users to slide the iPad 2 in and secure it with a flap at the back. The top four inches of the iPad 2’s edges will be covered by this case. Openings for headphone, microphone ports and the sleep button are provided. The volume-adjuster, rear camera, speaker grill, side switch and dock connector port of the iPad are also exposed when placed in Orion.

The case also has an opening in the shape of a teardrop for the camera, one for the light sensor and another for the home button. The leather of the Orion case holds its shape and stays flat in the front. Although the Orion cases are expensive, they are not as high-priced as the ones from Vaja.