New iPad 3 Release Date

According to an online report, Apple has told the iPad manufactures to speed up the production of iPad 3 so that the Cupertino company can launch it in the month of October. The production was slated to start after few months from now, but Apple has told them to start mass production of iPad 3 and iPhone 5 now to meet their new target launch and release date.

New ipad 3 release date

The new release date is set sometime in the month of September this year which is four months earlier from the normal schedule. Foxconn electronics, the major iPad supplier and parts assembler is now working their fingers to the bone to meet the ‘expected’ extra ordinary demand of the next generation iPad.

The report also says that earlier Apple had planned to release it next year, but has pre-poned the release date due to the incredible threat by new Android tablets, some of which are thinner and more powerful than the current offering. Make sure to check out the best iPad 2 alternatives to find thorough comparisons.

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