New Zirka Case Introduced for iPad by Luxa2

Luxa2 introduced a new case for both iPad generations. Among the iPad sleeves introduced till date, this one is the thinnest. Also, unlike the traditional iPad sleeves made from materials like neoprene and leather, the Zirka case is made of polyurethane.

New Zirka Case ipad review

On touching, the material feels similar to a sneaker’s bottom. The case also offers a well-designed stand. Zirka consists of two PU pieces. The back portion of the case extends a few inches more than the front. This creates a flap which can be folded to hold the case secure. The case is also provided with 2 Velcro strips on the opposite side of the flap. One of the strips is used for holding the flap and shutting the case. The other strip comes with the stand.

Half of the bottom and top of an iPad will remain open when placed in the case. This is because, the Zirka case has openings along both its corners.

The slits provided along the side of the New Zirka case are crucial for the stand feature. The slit has been incorporated quite well in the case. The Zirka also has a small loop at its bottom. This keeps the iPad in one place.