Newer Technology NuStand 360

The Newer Technology NuStand 360 for iPad + iPad 2 manufactured by newertechnologies is a desktop stand for iPad and iPad2. The nustand360 is priced at $60.


The Newer Technology NuStand 360 uses a simple design to mount the tablet. It basically consists of an aluminum frame. The aluminum frame is coated with black rubber. There are two parts to the Newer Technology NuStand 360. An L shaped stand which rests on the table and provides support to the assembly and a frame for holding the iPad. A major drawback of the Newer Technology NuStand 360 is that the frame and stand have to be fixed together with screws by the user. A screw driver is provided with the assembly. Once the iPad is mounted on to the frame, it can be titled in any direction and viewed in either landscape or portrait orientation. The corners of the frame are rubber coated to hold the iPad in place. A large central hole in the stand is used for the dock connector cord. The other ports and buttons are easily accessible. Overall, the stand is pretty sturdy and does what is expected of it.

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