Nomad Mini Paintbrush Stylus

The makers of the Nomad Brush offer a range of handcrafted paint brush stylus for touchscreen devices.  Of the three they make (long tip, short tip and Nomad Mini), the Nomad Mini is designed for use on tablets and smart phones.  The Nomad Brush is made of walnut and carbon with the brush tips being a mix of synthetic and natural fibres so as not to scratch the touchscreen.  As with a lot of stylus’s, the Nomad Brush has a rubber grip on its handle for ease of use.

nomad-brush-stylus-for-ipad (Mobile)

The Nomad Brush does not necessarily offer a greatly enhanced ability to effect brush strokes using painting apps (artistic ability pending!).  The reading on the screen does not differ entirely from the effect of using a finger on the screen.  But as with a lot of other iPad accessories and apps, the idea is to recreate the sense of the real tactile world, in the digital sphere.  The Nomad Brush is a perfect example of this, it is a pleasure to paint with and will give regular users an authentic means of exploring their artistic sides.

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