Noosy HDMI Dock

Using an HDMI cable and a dock connector, you can connect your iPad to a HDTV screen. Noosy had previously released an HDMI adapter and now it has released the Noosy HDMI Dock. The HDMI Dock is compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPod 4G.

Noosy HDMI Dock


The Noosy HDMI Dock is a combination of a digital AV adapter and a white plastic dock. The operations of the dock are controlled by a remote controller. The dock has an infrared sensor towards its front side. The ports for dock connectors, USB, HDMI and analog line out are at the back. Noosy HDMI Dock is priced at $70. There are no additional settings or configurations that you need to adjust. It is as easy as plug and play. One end of the cable connects to the 30 pin dock connector whereas the other one is connected to an HDMI device or a projector. The motion on the big screen imitates the motion on the iPad screen. The transition is smooth and Noosy HDMI Dock supports audio also.

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