Korean iPad Rival: Ocosmos OSC9

A Korean company called Ocosmos has unveiled a new iPad rival called OSC9. We were given a glance of it at the CES 2011 that took place in the month of January this year, but back then, the company told us that they are not ready to be released in the market. Now, the Ocosmos will be releasing it in the Korea and there are some chances that it may make to US as well.


At iPadhype, we are not biased towards Apple products (esp, iPad) and we try to be as neutral as possible when discussing the best iPad 2 alternatives.

The Ocosmos OCS9 features a dual core Intel Atom Z670 processor which is x86 based and thus can run any desktop OS out there. It comes with a 10.1 inch capacitive display, a 32GB / 64 SSD (solid state drive, much rugged than a traditional hard disk drive) and runs Windows 7. On the front, you will find a 1.3 mega pixel camera and on the back, there is a 5 mega pixel camera. Other goodies include 3G / 4G wireless radio and a 6 axis gyroscope. Oh, and did we mention it looks gorgeous too?

I would heartily recommend this tablet who would not find iPad app alternative to his favorite Windows App. To be honest, I have found iPad as the best media consumption and not as a device to create and edit spreadsheets.