OnSwipe Review

Onswipe is a new platform which will allow sites like Forbes, Hollywood.com etc look like real iPad apps. It makes a site feel like a native app and to attract big companies, folks behind Onswipe do not want to charge anything for the service they will be providing. Instead, they will taking a share of the revenue earned via ads. So, on paper, a company will not have to shell out any money to have its own optimized iPad app.


Onswipe folks provide zillion options to custom the look and ‘feel’ of the app. Updates to the layout can done on the client side as well. So, if you, yourself want to tweak the layout – you are free to do it.

The app will also have the ability to share a particular via Facebook, Twitter and various other social networking sites. Heck, even instapaper support is there so that you can read a particular news / article later on. Nifty. [via pcmag]

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