iPad 2: Orange UK Connected Plan

Orange UK is now offering data sharing plan for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4. Under this deal, you will be paying 65 pounds per month for 2GB of shared data between these two devices. Before that, you will also have to shell out 99 pounds for a 16GB iPad 2 and 16GB iPhone 4.

ipad 2 orange connected plan

However, I would strongly suggest you, not to go for that plan. Why? Just because even after you get an iPad 2 and iPhone 4 separately, you will get 500MB extra every month. The obvious downside is the 500MB bandwidth on the iPhone 4, but then you have 2GB bandwidth to burn on iPad 2 (and shorter contract too – look here [orange]). Another thing that you will be missing is unlimited texts.


So, in short, get the Connected plan only if you are planning to share data between both of your iOS devices. Otherwise, it is preferred to get them separately.

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