Ozaki iCoat Versatile Case iPad Review

The iCoat Versatile Case is a unique offering from Ozaki. The case features three straps that can be interchanged based on the user’s preference. The case can be used in both landscape and portrait orientations. This versatile case comes in several exciting colors such as charcoal, tan, pink and brown.

Ozaki iCoat Versatile Case ipad review

It is styled like a folio case. The exterior is made out of soft denim whereas the inner lining of the case is of a softer material. The left flap features some ridges which allow the user to pose the iPad2 in landscape mode. The case has a hand pocket which can be used to hold the device securely. The right flap features a pocket which is used to secure the device inside the case. The two flaps are held closed with a Velcro tab.

The case leaves most of the top, bottom and sides of the device exposed, giving the user easy access to the microphone and head phone ports, volume buttons, dock connector, power switch, etc.

In addition to the case, the user will receive an Ozaki stylus which can be used to navigate the iPad2. The case also features a small loop on the right side, which is intended to house the stylus.