iPad Apps for Photographers

As the empire of the iPad grows, more and more apps are hitting the market. Many apps have been launched for the photographers and some of them are listed below.

Photo Sort

This app helps to organize the photos directly on the iPad and does not require any synchronization to a PC or Mac. It creates folder and sub folders and gives the user options like cut, copy, paste and delete folders and photos. It also has the ability to export photos and photos albums to a PC. The app costs 1.99 dollars.  [link]

ipad apps for photographers


This is a wireless tethering app that lets you shoot images on a DSLR or Point-and-shoot and see them appear live on the iPad. [link]

DSLR Slate

The DSLR Slate app is designed for use with HDDSLR productions with iPad. The app operates as a traditional slate, provides you with all the standard information, and it also goes a step further and provides information tailored to HDDSLR production, allowing you to log shutter speed, ISO, aperture, lens, and many other details. The app costs 4.99 dollars. [link]

Sun Seeker

The app shows a 3D augmented reality view of the suns path from the top view so that you can know where the sun will rise and set today, tomorrow, or at anytime in the future and it can do so in many ways where the 3G network is available. It can also show you where the light from the sun will be coming from at a particular day and date can see exactly where the sun will be. The app costs 2.99 dollars. [link]