Professional iPad Briefcase

Nowadays, most iPad cases are manufactured by reputed companies. Professional iPad Briefcase is a bit different in this regard as a medical resident has developed it. The idea for Professional iPad Briefcase emerged from the need to carry the iPad in a more professional setting. The Professional iPad briefcase is manufactured by ProTabStuff and priced at $60. Professional iPad Briefcase


The Professional iPad Briefcase can be used with both the generations of the iPad. It does look like an actual briefcase with a leather enclosure, shoulder strap and a detachable handle. A flap covers the top portion of the briefcase. The top of the case is held in place by a twisted metal lock. The top flap has pockets for cards. The right side of the case has two additional pockets. In the centre there is a frame to hold the iPad. The iPads thin body moves around a bit inside the frame. There are no provisions in the Professional iPad Briefcase for the front and rear camera hole. The feel of the leather is soft and the D rings, zipper pulls and clips are quite smooth. The stitching is good all around. Overall, the Professional iPad Briefcase is recommended for use in a business environment.

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