Protect Your iPad from Theft with Kensington SecureBack Security Case

If you, like most other iPad users, store pictures, videos and data on the tablet, losing it is not an option. One of the best ways to make sure it is safe, is to use an accessory from a reliable manufacturer like Kensignton. The company has released a new set of cases and locks called SecureBack. These come with the three key components – a security slot, a spare key and kick stand.




Kensington’s Secure Case range has 4 products. These are priced on the basis of the kind of protection they provide. The most secure is the SecureBack Security Case with ClickSafe Lock. The case provides protection from damages and scratches. It is ergonomically designed to provide secure and comfortable grip. The case allows full access to the controls on the iPad. You can also plug in the tablet’s 30-pin connector when the security case is on it.

Installing the case on your iPad 2 is extremely easy. Once you slip it on, you can click the case’s lock into the anchor that has been built onto the exterior. Securing your iPad is as simple as this.

It comes with a thin yet strong construction of the three-piece type. It has a security anchor and lock that are designed to ensure that your iPad is safe. It has an integrated security bar which allows users to work on the iPad at a convenient angle. With easy access to its camera and port, viewing FaceTime is simple.