Rat Stands Multi-purpose iPad Stand

Rat Stands has released a highly functional, telescopic iPad stand, the Z3.  As most iPad owners are coming to realise, whilst the easy portability and hands on nature of the iPad are great, sometimes you just want to let go!  A multi-purpose stand is just the ticket, allowing you to view your iPad whilst making dinner, relaxing in the bath or in front of you whilst exercising.  Combine it with a suitable app such as a great recipe app or a work out demonstration app and you have functionality and accessibility rolled into one.

rat-stand-z3-ipad-stand (Mobile)




Rat Stands are actually in the business of making light weight music stands but the cross over is evident.  The telescopic mechanism (which adjusts from 16 to 54 inches) and materials work to create a light weight and robust stand for ones iPad.  The cradle itself allows for both portrait and landscape positioning and can be rotated to any angle you desire.  All in all a great option if you are in the market for a stand, the only drawback is that there are probably cheaper models on the market with the Z3 costing you upwards of $160, though you can’t argue with quality.