RetailMeNot Launches iPad App for free

RetailMeNot is a coupon website and they have launched their official iPad app today. The app will help support the growing number of consumers who use their tablet device to both research shopping options and make transactions. Tablets are becoming an increasingly important shopping tool.

Here are the features of the app:

* Built-in geo-location technology and maps that highlight offers at nearby malls and stores to help consumers in research and planning mode
* Ability to pick favorite stores within the iPad app and have offers from those stores show up first in nearby mall search results
* Ability to search for more than 500,000 deals and coupons from nearly 50,000 online and brick-and-mortar stores
* “Hot deals” homepage button that includes curated offers by RetailMeNot merchandisers
* Time-shift functionality that enables signed-in RetailMeNot members to save and share deals between devices (desktop, mobile app and tablet) for later use online or in-store.

RetailMeNot ipad