PADACS Rubata iPad Case Review

iPad accessory market is now swarming with the keyboard cases that transform the iPad into a full fledged netbook. I just got myself a Padac Rubata keyboard which features a leather case with built-in Bluetooth keyboard. The leather is not synthetic and is really 100 percent real leather and it has a classic look to it. The case adds 1.3 pounds to it and it does makes the overall profile a bit thicker.


The design also allows you to use it as a stand which makes it convenient for watching videos. Since the case has a Bluetooth keyboard, you will occasionally have to charge it via the included micro-USB cable. So once you have charged the keyboard, turn your device on and turn on the Bluetooth on the tablet. Button on the case is very hard to press in and this is something I really found to be inconvenient. However, it all works very nicely once you somehow press the button.

rubata-ipad-case (1)

The keyboard is comfortable to use and offers good tactile feedback. The top row has controls for home, search, select all, cut, copy and paste functions. There is also a set of media control buttons.


Do I recommend it?

Yes, it is simply the best iPad Bluetooth case out there and makes your iPad one step closer to being a netbook. The Rubata case retails for 100 dollars and comes with 1 year warranty.

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