Scosche dashDOCK handleIT + stuckUP

Scosche has introduced a new range of mounting accessories which can pretty much mount any touch screen device in any kind of vehicle. No one can argue how handy it is to have a mounting device for your iPad while driving. The ‘Scosche dashDOCK, handleIT + stuckUP’ does exactly that.

Scosche dashDOCK, handleIT + stuckUP


The Scosche dashDOCK, handleIT + stuckUP are actually three variants of the same basic model.The dashdock, handleIT and the stuck UP have the same concept of a cradle and a mount however are assembled differently. The scosche dashdock, priced at $25 has a very basic and simple design. The dashdock is held in place by small adhesive patches. These patches are connected to a bendable arm which in turn is connected to a suction cup. The suction cup can be directly rested on a surface or on a mounted disc. Priced at $25, the HandleIT, assembly is a modified dashdock which includes a resizable cradle and a bicycle handle bar mount. Another variation is the stuck up, priced at $30, which is basically designed for cars. It comprises of the HandleIT cradle but in addition to the suction cup it has an option to also connect to an air vent.