iPad 2: SeeThru Folio

InnoPocket has rolled out SeeThru Folio (not to be confused with SeeThru Satin from Speck) for the iPad 2. This is a form fitting hard case that promises to keep your iPad safe and secure while still letting you make style statements on the road. The SeeThru also functions as a stand, thanks to the swivel hinge that can rotate full 360 degrees.


The SeeThru Folio’s top cover can fold completely underneath the back cover allowing the user to use it in both portrait and landscape positions. The case has all the cutouts and openings for the ports and controls so that you can sync and charge while keeping the iPad in the case. 


Is there anything I did not like? Well, there is no mention of magnets which could have otherwise made use of the iPad’s magnets to turn it on and off. [related innopocket product page]