Sena Cases Borsetta

The Sena Cases Borsetta for iPad 2 is a combination of a purse and an iPad case. It is specially made for women and costs $150. It is available in vivid colors of gold, red, black or pink to entice the buyer. Although it appears like a bag, but the borsettacase is basically a folio style case.


The iPad fits into the right hand side leather frame. It is held in place with Velcro coated leather edges. The corners of the iPad are exposed. It also has provisions for Dock Connector, microphone, headphone and sleep/wakeup buttons. Senacases could have given more thought while designing the edges of the Sena Cases Borsetta for iPad 2. Opposite the iPad, there are two pairs of stands that facilitate easy viewing in portrait and landscape view. On the back of the Sena Cases Borsetta for iPad 2, an opening for rear camera is provided. A zipper conceals an inner compartment with bifurcations for cell phone, business cards and pens. However, thick items like a power adapter won’t fit in. A big plus for the Sena Cases Borsetta for iPad 2 is that many small items can be carried within. However, its price and inability to carry bigger objects might discourage few.


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