Simplism Crystal Cover Set

Simplism Crystal Cover Set for iPad 2 is basically a transparent plastic shell with all the basic functionalities that we have come to expect from any iPad 2 plastic cases. The Crystal Cover Set covers the aluminum back of the iPad 2 but leaves the glass completely exposed. Manufactured by Simplism, the Crystal Cover Set for iPad 2 is priced at $30.

Crystal Cover Set


Crystal Cover Set for iPad 2 fully covers the iPad 2 except at the top where it leaves an opening from the sleep / wake button to the headphone port. The bottom is well protected. There are openings for Dock connector and a 12 x 4 mesh over the speaker. The Crystal Cover Set has cutouts for volume rocker and side switch. Holes are also provided for the cameras. The main attraction of the Crystal Cover Set is its translucent color which shows every detail of the iPad 2 without showing every dust particle trapped inside. It is available in translucent black, translucent purple and white colors. The Crystal Cover Set comes with a polishing cloth, screen protector film and a stand. The stand is basically two halves of a foldable plastic. When required the halves are opened and fixed along the cover’s cut outs allowing landscape or portrait viewing.

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